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Related article: Date: Sat, 11 Mar 2000 20:39:54 EST From: Subject: adventures of tray and jay 35"Adventures of Tray and Jay 35"PART 35: BLIND BEAUTYI'm a mellow kind of guy, I think. I mind my own business. I don't give people shit, mostly, unless they need it. Lolita Model I know who I am, and I don't care who doesn't like it. I see beauty in things, little things, you know, maybe so small that most people never even notice these things are even there, never mind that there's more than meets the eye. And that's what makes me saddest of all, okay, that people are walking around, on their own, with eyes in their heads that work, and they might as well be blind. No, I take it back, that aint fair to those who really are blind.I was really deep into one of these moods where I get all choked up over anything, it doesn't matter how stupid, and it was cold and windy out with ice blowing through the air and the whole works, only I was loving it. I was so damn happy to be alive it hurt. I love the brace of a gust of wind in the dead of winter and how it sucks your breath away, you know. I do, I can't help it. Lots of people bitch and moan about it, I go nuts and want to just walk and walk til I drop in it! That's why I walked to school that day, Lolita Model anyway, besides how dangerous a scooter can be in slush.I was on my way to get a big old latte, the only thing that could possibly make my day better, when up ahead maybe 50 yards, near the big intersection, I see three guys ganging up on another one, in fact they've got him down on the ground in the snow and they're rubbing his face in it. Then what I saw made me sick, it did, I mean it, I really thought I'd puke. One of the punks stood up with something long and thin and white in his hands, and he held it up over his head like a fucking trophy and went to bending it at both ends, only it would snap back, he couldn't break it, but he didn't want to, okay, he's laughing the whole time. I mean, I could see him Lolita Model laughing even if I couldn't hear him.That's when I snapped what the thing in his hands was and felt the most awful rush of horror and rage I hope I ever have to experience. No shit. That thing in his hands, his damn trophy, was a cane for the blind, and I didn't even know I was doing it right off, okay, I was just running full-tilt for that intersection, and my eyes were watering bad, but I saw the three punks take off, and the one with the cane threw it at the guy on the ground.Halfway there. The blind guy was on his feet already, bent over groping for the cane, and people were passing him, staring, for God's sake, nobody's doing a thing to help, and I started calling out to him, screaming, so now people are staring at me like I'm crazy, right, they're not even seeing the blind guy who's just had the shit knocked out of him and can't find his cane. Only, he found it, and he's trying to look cool, right, stay calm, I see it all even though I'm still a ways off, and then...oh, no, God, no..."STOP! STOP HIM! GODDAMNIT, ARE YOU FUCKING BLIND, PEOPLE, STOP HIM!" I screamed it at the top of my lungs, but all the idiots would do is veer away from me like I've got something that might catch!That's when the blind guy stepped into the intersection and made for the shortest course all the way across, and cars were going both ways, okay, my breathing stopped but I kept running hard, and when I hit the corner he was smack in the middle of the intersection with cars swerving and skidding all over trying not to run him down...but nobody thinks to, I don't know, STOP maybe? Lolita Model Jeez! So I was dodging cars and part of me wished I couldn't see them either because it was terrifying. I was never so scared in my entire life.But I know the blind guy was even worse. He had stopped and had his cane up in front of him in both hands, and he was just turning around in circles, swaying like he was drunk maybe, and right when he was ready to go down in front of this truck coming along nice and fast, I grabbed him. The poor guy really freaked then, I don't even want to think who he thought I was, until I coughed and..." 'S'okay!" I said, only I didn't really feel it yet, you know, we weren't out of danger yet. Then the signal changed the other way, and I helped him over to a median where we caught our breaths a little before crossing in the crosswalk the rest of the way. I saw his face clear for the first time and wanted to die, he was so petrified he couldn't talk. His eyes were bugged out, and they were so pretty and powder blue I couldn't believe they were blind. His skin was pale and smooth, and his nose was running bad and freezing up down over his lips and chin. And he was only about my age with long, black hair.My legs were numb from the run and all, and his teeth were chattering, so I guided him to this covered brick entrance to an abandoned office and just sighed in total release of tension. My breath hit him in the face, and he closed his eyes and swallowed and licked his lips ^� uh-oh! ^� and sagged so I had to grab him again, my arms all the way around Lolita Model him. He wasn't very heavy, but shit, he's taller than me by a few inches."Hey, hey!" I said real loud, and he opened his eyes and seemed to see me. "What's your name, anyway?"He smiled so beautiful I thawed out like that."Toby.""Cool. I'm Jay. You're coming with me, man.""Okay, Jay. If you say so."Oh, Lolita Model my God, the precious little fucker was all dazed and confused!"You can fold that thing up, Toby, and put it away. I've got you now. Here, hold onto my arm. Yeah, tight, that's it."Man, it was a blast walking arm-in-arm with a dude like that! People kind of noticed but didn't know what to make of it because we were so young and all, who knows what the fuck they thought. All I know is they're lucky they didn't give me any shit about it. I'd've taken Toby's cane out and really corrected their asses! Part of me really wanted to, in fact, I'm sorry, I admit it.When we got to the old pad I could tell no one was there, which was weird considering all the fags we got living there now that John joined the family. Oh, and fuck me! Is he a hot bastard! The way he looks at me all the time just gives me a permanent hard-on, but he gives us all the sexy eye that way so what the hell. Believe it or not, I haven't even gotten in his pants yet. But never mind that, okay, jeez!I helped Toby out of his coat and scarf and sweater and eased him down on the old couch, and he still didn't seem eager to talk so I ran to the kitchen and microwaved a couple mugs of cider and prest-o! We're in business. Only Toby had a mess all over his face from his runny nose so I looked around and snagged a pair of Tray's gray and blue Tommy's from halfway under the couch, don't ask me what they're doing there, and cleaned the boy up. Something in the funny way that boy sniffed and frowned told me he knew underwear when he felt them on his soft face, but he couldn't, okay. Anyway.I tossed them over my shoulder and picked up a mug and held it near Toby's face, and he grinned and took it from me and carefully tasted some. When he nodded he was so cute I wanted to hug him so I let my arm go around his shoulders. He leaned forward slowly and set the cider on the table and then turned to me and...ohmygod! He went to feeling my face with both hands, all over, I mean every inch of my damn face and neck, and man, the way his fingers were all warm suddenly and explored me real intimate, like, well, fuck, I popped a bone right off."You're just a high school boy, aren't you?" he asked gently, and I cleared my throat, thinking he'd never know for sure if I lied, right."Uh-huh," is all that came out of my stupid throat, though, and I barely managed that much!He closed his eyes and smiled real odd. "Sixteen?""Only a couple more months," I said, going a little defensive."Don't be embarrassed, Jay, I can tell these things. I just turned 17 myself. You're very big...I mean strong...for 16." He cleared his throat fast. "I mean almost 17." His hands went very unshyly down over my chest and to my legs which were spread comfortably, and they damn near grabbed know. Fuck me. "You don't talk like a football player, Jay. The other boys...oh, forget it. Uh, they were football players. But're something different, not soccer...RUGBY!"I sat there in total shock and silence."Right? It is Rugby, isn't it, Jay?""Well, yeah, Toby, but...but how the hell?"He sighed then and smiled real wistful, okay, and said, "Oh, Jay, if you could see what I see when I touch you and smell you and hear your gentle, if deep, young voice. You're a little boy in a man's body.""Yeah, whatever. I guess."That's when Toby took my hands and put them on his face and closed his eyes. He swallowed again and licked his lips again and left them parted for me, okay, I swear it was like they were parted just for me, and I couldn't help myself. I was breathing hard and I know damn well Toby heard me, and he had to feel my heat going closer and my breath on his lips right before I did it. I kissed him softer than I ever kissed any dude and felt the thrill of it run through both our bodies, and I almost cried it was so sweet."Come with me, Toby," I whispered and stood and took his hand and led him to my bedroom. Once he was sitting on the bed I stuck this DO NOT DISTURB sign someone gave me as a joke outside the door and closed it, then locked it to be sure, okay. The lights were off, and I couldn't see a thing. I laughed."What's so funny?" Toby asked."Uhmm...just that I can't see.""I can," and jeez, he really could, okay, because he came to me so fast I jumped, and we stood there by the door groping, only it was real gentle like that kiss on the couch, and I felt like a damn virgin again! My dick and nuts were on fire and all tickly, and my juice was slicking me up good all over the place in my tight cords and Speedos, and when Toby squeezed me there I had to grab his hand fast and push it away, even if he didn't understand."I'm sorry, Jay, I thought...""Dude, you almost made me cream my pants, man! I feel so stupid! I haven't been so hot and bothered since my...well, since my first time!"" know how I feel, then...Jay."I took his very long bulge along his hip in my hand and played with it so softly, but he grabbed my wrist and stopped me just like I did Lolita Model to him, and we laughed in each other's faces, and then we kissed again and I pushed gently and eased Toby onto his back on the bed and then up til his head was on my pillow. I wanted to lay my weight on top of him but couldn't, we were both so damn close to squirting! So I crouched over him and ran my fingers through his hair and sucked on his tasty mouth for maybe ten minutes.Slowly, in total flaming ecstasy, I took all of Toby's clothes off and stood by the bed to take off mine while he lay there waiting for me in the shared darkness, and then I lay beside him and rested my head on his chest and heard his heart beat nice and even. He played with my hair, even as I went further down him and rubbed my cheek in his pool of precum and made him spaz all over.I licked some of it up, then off the tip of his cock, and Toby's back jumped up off the bed. I cupped his lightly hairy walnut balls in one hand and ran my tongue down and back up the long shaft of Toby's rock and heard that dude whimper like nobody ever made him whimper before, and it was so cool I couldn't stand it! I was set to explode! He started tugging at my hips, so I turned around and straddled him and carefully lowered my dripping monster toward his face, and before I'd gone very far I heard a definite gasp! Yeah! Oh, cool!"Jesus, you do have a man's body, boy!" he groaned and swallowed me, and I was already starting to blow so I took Toby's big piece the same way and we both lost it together and throbbed off for the longest time. It was wild. I mean, it was what they call fucking exquisite! The orgasm that rocked me was so damn intense and boiling and hot and prickly that I thought I'd pass out, and when I fell on my side Toby followed so his dick stayed planted in my mouth and mine stayed put in his, and we just sucked and sucked til we were totally up again.Well, hell, the smell of his rich man stuff in my head and his funky, sweaty balls and hairy crack made me go all light headed, okay, I mean it, I was on my side and I felt like I was ready to fall over. Toby shifted a little and my nose went real close to his hole and it was so hot and wild and sexy that I didn't even think, I just dove right in and made the poor guy yelp! Yeah! He yelped, but he got back on his knees and offered it all up to me awful fast, too.I ate Toby so rough and wicked, both my hands clamped firm on his hips, that all he could do was bury his face in the sheets between my legs and moan his cherry ass off. I swear it sounded like he was biting the damn sheets, no shit, and making these animal grunt noises that only drove me more insane. I chewed on his furry bottom, then jabbed my tongue into him, over and over, like that, til the boy was mine all the way. I knew I owned his ass, okay.There's just this unspoken but clear as hell thing that happens between guys, when one of them does stuff that sends the other over the edge, so far over the fucking edge of stud pleasure that the dude who's soaring where he's never been before beams this psychic message of delirious fag gratitude straight into his partner's head. I heard Toby loud and clear, the way he gripped my ankles and grunt-groaned real fast and then licked the inside of my leg all the way from my knee to my foot.So, of course, I forced myself to stop slurping on his dripping ass and scooted up and around til my monster fucker was wedged playfully where my tongue had just been. I caressed Toby's curved spine from that hot spot right above his cheeks to his nape, and that boy wordlessly repeated his earlier offer by reaching both hands behind him and opening his butt wide for me. I hawked a loogie in my hand and went to finger fucking him nice and easy."Ohhhh, Jayyyy! Ohhh, boy, I never thought anyone but me would do that! Oh, my God, man, you're so much better!"I pulled Toby's beautiful, long, black hair up in a ponytail behind him and let my hand slide down its softness until it all slipped from my grasp and fell down over his fine, sweaty shoulders, and while my one hand was busy that way my other had my pecker and pointed it flush with the tight as hell rim of his nervous boy butt. My smaller head felt Toby pucker up good then, and I grinned in the darkness."Relax, Toby, it's cool. Do you trust me?""Uh-huh.""Cool. Just give it to me, man. I want in you so bad I can still taste it in my mouth. Every time you feel yourself pucker up, take a deep breath and let it out. Okay?""Uh-huhhhh!"I let another long wad of spit stretch from my riled mouth to my eager boner and sloshed it all over with my nasty long boy fingers and leaned forward, into him, a little more, and that time when he tensed he did what I said and breathed in deep, then let it out slow, and I felt him trusting me down there in the center of his hot manhood. I popped it in, the big flared head of my teenage cock, and Toby gasped and shuddered but didn't freak out.My hands on either side of his totally wet back, I massaged him, up and down his torso, as my overwhelmed dick moved steadily further and further up inside that sexy dude. And he never made a sound, except for swallowing, over and over, in excitement ^� and surprise that he was taking all of me. I mean, I've leveled off at 9" now, and that's an awful lot of beef for any fag to eat all at once, let alone a cherry queer like Toby! But he took it, alright.When my wet pubes stopped against his spit-lubed crack, I sucked in a shocked breath and waited for him to scream, all delayed or whatever, right. But all he said was:"Oh, my God, Jay, what the hell are you waiting for?"Well, fuck me, so to speak, but I lost it then. I could no longer be held responsible for my actions after a line like that! I pulled back fast like I was taking it out, but then at the last second I rammed that ass fucker all the way back up Toby's, and he cut loose this totally hot, manly wail of happiness that drove me crazy. I pumped it in and out, fast, and slapped his sticky ass with both hands and felt his right arm jerking madly by his hip.I reached my left hand under him and rubbed his tight chest and belly and then took his swinging nuts in my soft palm and cradled them there, that's all, but I guess it did something to him, okay, because Toby panted this lunatic, high-pitched way and I felt his whole body radiate this intense wave of heat out to me, and then his dick was jumping in my hand.Each throb of his orgasm made that thing swell and shoot, swell and shoot, so damn many times I lost count, and some of his cum dripped onto the web of my fist and got sucked down into the jacking action I was putting on his happy peter. Every time my spunk-oiled fist jacked another round out of him, Toby spazzed all over and moaned all high and ragged and twitched off again, all over his body, I mean, not just his big penis.The smell of his fresh load all over the damn place made me crave a taste of it, so I let my hand drop to the sheets and wiped some up and brought it to my salivating mouth and licked and sucked on my dirty fingers and palm until I felt my own load start to boil up inside me. Toby felt it too because he laughed that hoarse, post-orgasmic-fucked-in-the- ass man way.I leaned over his back, and my weight forced him down on his stomach, and my arms went under him til I had his shoulders in a death grip, and I bared my clenched teeth and sprayed spit all over the back of his neck and head. And that's when it all tripped in me, everything I'd stored up a long-assed time, okay, all my pent-up frustrations and thoughts, all of it, and I went off inside Toby.I stopped breathing, the whole time I climaxed in my new buddy. I shook and shivered, every muscle in me drawn to the fucking snapping point, and somewhere in there my teeth came apart and my gaping mouth buried itself in Toby's damp neck where I panted off more and sprayed a lot of my spit on him, sniffing his riled sex scent like it was all the damn air I needed to breathe again, and that's when I started to breathe again. I swear!Toby was laughing all bad and wicked, okay, and it spread to me. My stomach bounced up and down off his hard back, and each time I laughed Toby's butt muscles would clamp on me and I'd drip more of my juice in him, and pretty soon I think he was doing it on purpose, alright. Really. He's dirtier than he looks.So I carefully rolled us both onto our sides because I wasn't ready to let him go. I needed to stay in Toby just a little longer, at least. He felt so warm and safe. I licked some sweat off his neck and heard him breathe harder. I took his chin in one hand and pulled til his mouth came back where mine could get at it, and we both kissed and swallowed, kissed and swallowed, for the longest time. It was so beautiful.The front door opened and lots of feet stomped in, then the door slammed. Someone headed this way but stopped by my door a few seconds. I heard a scoff sound, you know, snorting, and recognized Dylan boy."Fuckin faggot!" Dylan chuckled, and the other guys all laughed."You in the mood for an orgy, dude?" I whispered to Toby and kiss-licked more of his sweat off him. I swear, he tastes so damn good it makes me droopy-eyed."Mmmm, maybe later," he said all throaty.I was still hard. Toby was still hard. The door was locked, and there were three horny teenage homos out there thinking about little Jay and what he was doing locked in his room.So I did it again.
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